Welcome to my Views and Reviews! After years of quietly hoarding my opinions on the inner life, the public arena, books, and theater, I am sharing them with the wider world.  I hope you will find something here that speaks to you.

Here’s a brief word from the fluttering thoughts that I am releasing into the world:


by Grace Ellis

As I walk through my days,
Words collide in my head, caroming and connecting,
Forming chains of language.
What happens when I don’t write them down?
They flit around, bats in my belfry,
Reorganizing themselves, refining, rearranging.
And if I still refuse to commit them to paper?
They recede into the background
Behind the screens soon formed by the next invading thoughts.

In moments of quiet, as I try to meditate, listen, or remember,
They leap up, at random, destroying concentration,
Shouting, “Remember us?  Remember us!”

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