Improv Workshop

Improvisation is not just a tool for actors. It can be very helpful for writers of prose as well as scripts. Do you sometimes have trouble discovering a distinctive voice for each character? Does your dialogue sometimes meander without getting anywhere in particular? You may discover that the theater skill of improvisation will help you break through these barriers.
In an interview on the audiobook of Lean Mean 13, the writer Janet Evanovich was asked whether she heard the voices of her characters in her head. Here is what she said: “I took some acting lessons and had an opportunity to get up on the stage and do some improv, and this is how I actually learned how to write dialogue, how I learned how to hear people talking in my head. I still use this, and when I sit down to write. . . I hear them, I see them moving around.” Although a workshop based on improv cannot guarantee you the financial success of Janet Evanovich, it may introduce you to a useful tool for writing.
Winston-Salem playwright Grace Ellis has used improv to develop a dozen plays with students and adults. She will offer a workshop for writers, practicing some basic improv skills and using them as a method for expanding the imagination and resolving problems in fiction or drama. The workshop is open to members of Winston-Salem Writers and for all others who are interested.

February 6,10-12:30

Offices of Authoring Action
624 West 6th Street

You are invited to bring with you several pages of a scene you are working on, as well as one article of clothing for a costume and two items that might be used as props in a play.

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